tinyforest – s-4 (BeatTape)

26 years ago, a man named Bob Lazar claimed to have worked on top-secret projects at a site known as S-4 on the premises of Groom Lake, better known to the world as Area 51. It was here that Lazar allegedly reverse-engineered a spacecraft the government had acquired from beings that were not of this earth.

That’s the official story. What wasn’t disclosed was the series of buttons and knobs within the craft that controlled a sound system capable of producing sonic frequencies formerly thought to be impossible to create. Lazar was able to capture some of these sounds and leave the base with them unscathed.

After explicit requirements and lengthy negotiation, I was able to arrange a exchange between Lazar and myself on a dirt road in the Nevada desert. I had a briefcase filled with a rare isotope of Plutonium, and he had a flash drive.

What you hear on this album is unadulterated audio from another planet. Grab it before the CIA catches wind and removes it and erases my entire life history from the map, just as they did Lazar.

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Written by RJmeads