The Fix Podcast – Episode 36: Trap Adams and Brando Interview

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On the 36th episode of The Fix Podcast, R.J talks to Trap Adams and Brando. Trap Adams and Brando go in-depth about their album attractive women. From how long it took to make the album, from the features picked out for each song.

Trap Adams and Brando also talks about upcoming projects dropping in 2017, including “Look” (the attractive women remix album, which all the songs are remixed by different producers and artists), Brando’s VICE project and another poor quality project. 

These and a lot more topics are discussed in this hour and a half conversation.


Trap Adams & Brando – attractive women  – 31:50 – 34:40

Trap Adams & Brando – DEAD DROP I – 1:10:33 – 1:13:58

Trap Adams & Brando – No Explain remix – 1:40:22 – 1:43:50


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