Tha Fix Podcast – Episode 9: Rob Niece Interview

In the ninth episode of Tha Fix Podcast, R.J interviews Louisville rapper Rob Niece. Rob talks about Static Major, how he met Double J, the NotAnother movement and what NotAnother means. Rob Niece also plays some tracks off his upcoming album Nothing Is Impossible dropping December 3rd.These and a lot more topics are discussed in this two hour conversation.

All of the music played on this podcast is from Rob Niece’s “Nothing Is Impossible” album dropping December 3rd.

Rob Niece – Nothing Is Impossible – 18:55 – 24:20

Rob Niece – All I Know I Know – 45:06 – 49:09

Rob Niece – The Shallow Side – 1:06:17 – 1:10:21

Rob Niece – Paranoid – 1:28:36 – 1:34:47

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Written by RJmeads