Tha Fix Podcast – Episode 26: TekForce Returns

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In Episode 26 of Tha Fix Podcast, TekForce returns to talk about his album “Tek Support”, the features and producers appearing on the album, how he came up with the name “Tekforce”, and the difference between performing at a convention and a hip hop show. 

Tekforce also talks about fellow MC SkyBlew and even hints at a possible “Tron” album. These and a lot more topics are discussed in this hour and a half conversation. 

All of the music played during this podcast is from TekForce’s “Tek Support” Album

TekForce – Put Your Hands Up Feat SkyBlew & Vinrock – 20:46 – 24:47

TekForce – SDF-1 – 46:56 – 50:24

TekForce – Ode to the Retro (Snippet) – 1:11:18 – 1:12:07

TekForce – Alter Ego – 1:40:51 – 1:43:34

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Written by RJmeads