Tha Fix Podcast – Episode 17: Peety Smooth Interview

In the seventeenth Episode of “Tha Fix” Podcast, R.J Interviews Kentucky Rapper Peety Smooth. Peety Smooth talks about Mic hero (Co-Host of Tha Fix Podcast) getting him into sampling, music saving his life by getting him out of the streets, and his state of mind while making his mixtape “50 Shades of Cool”. These and a lot more topics are discussed in this one hour conversation.

All of the music played during this podcast is from Peety Smooth’s 50 Shades of Cool mixtape

Peety Smooth – People Make The World Go Round – 18:18 – 19:58

Peety Smooth – Paper Touching – 41:42 – 43:44

Peety Smooth – Lean – 58:16 – 1:00:06

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Written by RJmeads