Tha Fix Podcast – Episode 12: Alpha Riff Interview

In the twelfth episode of Tha Fix Podcast, R.J interviews Nerdcore artist Alpha Riff. Alpha Riff talks about living in japan for 5 years, the process of making his album “Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel” and what the album is about. Alpha Riff also talks about making Trading Cards, Comic Books, and Gaming Apps based on the album “Digital Champions: Migdal Bavel”. These and a lot more topics are discussed in this two hour conversation.

Alpha Riff – The Man Of A Hundred Guns featuring Ish1da as Asim Billy – 27:14 – 30:55

Alpha Riff – Flight To The Gates of Fire Wall feat Nyte as Crimelord B. Net + Zilla Persona as Fate – 49:41 – 54:03

Alpha Riff – For the Love of Zeal – 1:11:44 – 1:16:10

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Written by RJmeads