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First off, I want to thank everyone for taking time out of their day to read this list about 15 of my favorite songs from 2016. I hope that you’ll find this list enjoyable and will spark your interest enough to go out and listen to all of these songs.

2016 will go down as a memorable and legendary year to me. Some Good , Very Good , and Great , while also being bad and awful.

Every blog has a year-end list and rjmeads.com is no different. In this article, I wrote about 15 of my favorite songs from 2016, but these weren’t just any songs I picked. These songs constantly made me press rewind and put on repeat. Didn’t matter how many times I listened to it, each time it got better.


Before I begin, let me explain the rules, guidelines and how I came up with this list.

The rules and guidelines for “rjmeads.com 15 favorite songs from 2016” are as follows: all of the songs on this list was featured and appeared on rjmeads.com in 2016. The songs was either a single, music video or appeared on a project (EP, Album or Mixtape). Lastly, the songs are either from an artist who lives/from Kentucky or from an independent artist.

As you can tell by the headline, these are MY personal favorite songs from 2016. Not the best songs from 2016, or the best songs from Kentucky or whatever.

Rjmeads.com is run by 1 person. I don’t have a staff or group to sit down and have debates or discussions with. And to be honest I like it better this way, because this list is 100% my thoughts. If you feel like a song was left off this list or a song should have been higher, Great! That’s what make music so great, because everybody has different taste.


Now that we have that out of the way, sit back, relax and enjoy some great music.


Bryan BANDiT – Out of It (15)

Let’s start this list off with a bang and who better than the emerging artist coming out of Louisville, Kentucky, Bryan BANDiT.

Starting this list off at #15 is Bryan BANDiT’s “Out of It”. “Out of It” is a hard, grimey, gutta record. You will be fixing your face while listening to this track. To me “Out of It” is kind of a throwback record, because it brings back the hardcore and gritty feeling of hip hop. The beat is eerie, the hook is aggressive and the lyrics are cut throat. All the right ingredients for a dope hip hop record.


Young Spazz – My Youngin (14)

Next up on the list is Young Spazz. Coming out of Richmond, Kentucky, Young Spazz dropped a dope street record with “My Youngin”. This track is a banger, from Spazz’s flow to the catchy hook with hard hitting production. Young Spazz also released a music video to “My Youngins” which I think actually enhances the song and makes it better.


J Cannon – Summers Off (13)

Coming in at #13 is Hoodstock Records artist J Cannon. J Cannon always drops quality records and “Summers Off” is no different. The stand out track from Hoodstock Records compilation album “Hoodstockalypse Vol 2”, “Summers off” is the perfect soundtrack for the summer. It can be playing while you’re riding and cruising around the city, at a pool party or even at a BBQ. Point blank this records fits perfectly with the summertime.

Since it looks like they’re pushing this record maybe “Summers Off” will be the lead single for a new J Cannon album coming in 2017.


Scotty Frys – Late Nights Feat Mauii (12)

The #12 spot belongs to Lexington rapper Scotty Frys. Scotty Frys released “Late Nights” as the lead single for his album “New America” and since that single dropped, it has been on my rotation for the whole year.

“Late Nights” is a smooth, laid back track. Perfect song to roll up, light up, ride around and hotbox to. Everything on “Late Nights” meshes well together; from the production, to the hook, to Scotty Frys flows, to Mauii’s verse.


BRXTN – Work (Remix) (11)

Brtxn puts in work and you can tell because his song “Work (Remix)” landed at the #11 spot of “rjmeads.com 15 favorite song of 2016”.

Brxtn is one of the most talented artist in Kentucky and no song displays brxtn’s talent more than “Work (Remix)”. After a couple of listens “Work (Remix)” will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day (It’s an addicting song). BRXTN dropped A LOT of dope records in 2016, but I think “Work (Remix)” was his best track from last year.


David Haze –Sick Wit it Cudi (10)

“wavy trap nigga, I might whip a fucking brick”

Cracking the top ten and grabbing the #10 spot is David Haze. Every single time I listen to “Sick wit it Cudi” I get hyped. Every time. This song is so addicting that you can’t only listen to it once, you have to run it back a few times.

From the crazy beat to wavy david’s flow and quotable lyrics, this is just a dope ass record. In 2017, I hope we’ll get a remix of “Sick Wit it Cudi”, because with the right artist lined up, this hit could take off.


Josh Woods – Slow Motion feat Brxtn (9), Those Things feat Rosario (8)

Holding down both the #9 and #8 spot of “rjmeads.com 15 favorite songs of 2016” is Louisville rapper Josh Woods. “Slow Motion” & “Those Things” were the lead singles for Josh woods “Stay Gold” EP. Josh was smart to have those songs be the singles, because he knew he was sitting on a gold mine.

With Brxtn on the hook for “Slow Motion” and Rosario killing the chorus on “Those Things”, Josh Woods dropped two bangers in 2016. I think Josh should make a music video to both songs and push it, because he potentially has two hits on his hands.



Big and Tall – Chevy Cruising Feat Play (7)

Coming in at #7 is the dynamic duo, Big and Tall. 2015 was a huge year for Big and Tall with the release of their album “Big and Tall”. In 2016, Bonez and T-razor focused more on their solo projects. But before 2016 ended Big and Tall reunited and whipped up a 4-track EP “The Flames” just to let people know that they aren’t going anywhere and they still have the game in a chokehold.

The lead single from “The Flames”  that had everybody buzzing was Chevy Cruising. The hook makes the song due to the tone and delivery of Bonez. T-Razor lays down a dope 16, equip with bars and top notch wordplay while Play steals the show with his stand out verse that puts the finishing touches on an already great song.


Mag.lo – GRAVITY (6), The Sad Summer Story Pt. 2: A WONDROUS STORY (5)

Making it to the top 5 is Indie artists from Orlando Florida, Mag.lo. “GRAVITY” and “The Sad Summer Story Pt. 2: A WONDROUS STORY” appears on Mag.lo’s “Never” EP. The reason why I love both songs is because they are creative, original, new, and a breath of fresh air. It’s completely different from anything you’ll hear in music today. From the music content to the chorus, to the production, Mag.lo proves why he’s one of the best young creative minds in music today.



Jakob Green – Fame (4)

Coming in at #4 is Mr. Flexington himself, Jakob Green. “Fame” was the lead single for Jakob Green’s self-titled album “Jakob Green”. The moment you press play on “Fame” you’ll get hyped and will immediately feel the track. Jakob Green showed his ass off on this song, from the high energy he brings, to his flow, to the ridiculous production and the bars that he drops.


Fredd C – Brothas (3)

After the announcement of being nominated for the Lexington Music Awards, Fredd C’s 2016 keeps getting better by having rjmeads.com 3rd favorite song of 2016. The Lexington, Kentucky Emcee dropped one of my favorite songs in 2016 with “Brothas”.

With Corey D lacing the production and Fredd C supplying the bars, it should be no surprise how great of a song they made. As great as “Brothas” is, I would love to hear a posse cut of “Brothas”. A remix with various artists from different cities in Kentucky coming together on one track. I personally think that would be dope.

“Brothas” is a single off of Fredd C’s upcoming project dropping sometime in 2017. If that project sounds anything like “Brothas”, then I’m sure it’s going to be a classic.


Before I reveal who has the #1 and #2 of “rjmeads.com 15 favorite song from 2016”, I want to give spotlight to five songs who didn’t make the list, but are worthy of being mention.


King Vory – Overdose

Brando – DEAD DROP I

Waltreclay feat Deven Roberts – Squad Up

DAVID Haze – fetti

Devine Carama feat River Greene & Deven Roberts – Lake Full of Regrets


Trap Adams – Pu$$y Saved my Life (2), Attractive Women (1)

Trap Adams tops the list by having rjmeads.com favorite #1 & #2 song of 2016.

How much do I love “Pu$$y saved my life” and “Attractive women”? I have literally play both songs every day since the album “Attractive women” dropped. I’m not even joking. Usually when you play a song a lot of times, it starts getting old and you stop listening to it. Well that’s not the case with either of these songs.

Figuring out which song would be my #1 and #2 on this list was difficult, because my favorite song changed every day. One day “Pu$$y saved my life” is my favorite and then the next day “Attractive women” is my favorite. And to be honest, you can’t go wrong with either. But as of today, I have decided that “Attractive women” is my absolute favorite song from 2016.

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Written by RJmeads