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I made a song last year called JUS VIBE. This song reminds me of that. I’ve always been very versatile when it came to beat selection and being able to adapt to any beat i’m on. I love rapping. I love music. On JUS VIBE I was rapping about a lot of personal things & people loved it. Most of that song was in 1 take & I didn’t expect the reaction it got. I was rapping on an old school feel instrumental. Drums that sounded like they were made in the streets of NY, from the year 1993 or something. I wanted the same vibe with COME & GO. This is a song about people entering my life with plans of leaving because it’s nature. Nothing is 100% guaranteed. I’ve learned this growing up. I’m 21 now and I’ve been thru so much bullshit already. This song solidifies my mindset of not letting any of that shit phase me. I’m focused. I’m becoming smarter. I’m making music for the millions of ppl who don’t know my name yet…. not my high school friends who’ll judge my art before they even press play. That’s why all the anonymous feedback I’m getting is fueling me to perform better. To get better. To drive myself. To be successful…… whatever “success” really is.


KeAndrell release his brand new single Come & Go



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Written by RJmeads