Kaiju The Unconquerable – GLASSCASE EP. 9 (Music Video)

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Sie a transporter, finds himself in a tight situation when he runs into a kidnapping of a gorgeous girl by the name of Tomi. Two crooked police officers are paid by mafia to steal the organs of Tomi . As Sei intervenes things become chaotic as he makes all attempts to get her number in a battle of life and death. No excuses.


I think Kaiju The Unconquerable deserves his own Netflix series, because his visual are ALWAYS on point. From the action, to the editing, to the animation and etc. 


Below is GLASSCASE Episode 9, which is the brand new visual from Kaiju The Unconquerable.



Below are the audio versions of GlasscaseNx Excuses, which are featured in the Glasscase music video.




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Written by RJmeads