Inner Space Album Review


inner spaceWritten By Rob Niece

                 Hard drum patterns, smooth bass lines, live instrumentation, and samples, are all elements which make Inner Space a solid piece of work. The album has hip-hop roots with such a vast soulful vibe, topped by solid lyrics from both Eons D and Jordan Jetson. All of the tracks are well written and strategically placed to form a full body of work. They first connected last year through a cypher and their chemistry was dynamic and very natural from the start.

                The album opens with *Inner Space, a song which features Otis Junior who delivers from the very start singing, “Say what’s on your mind, Let them know, what you been thinking’ all this time.” Then Eons D delivers a great verse rapping, “They ain’t tryna do something they just want something to do.” The horns in this record are epic. They provide such a large motivational feel to record which is perfect for the intro.

                This leads into *How’s Your Heart, which has even more great production. The song begins with hard drums but breaks down about halfway through into booming 808’s and smooth snares. They sample The Five Heartbeats song *Heart is a House For Love repeating the lyrics, “A heart is a house for love, and I learned, that it don’t take much to build it up.”

                Another notable song entitled*Can’t Help It, features Rmllw2llz and Dom B, where each rapper delivers a great verse in a cypher type fashion. In the hook they rap, “Let the numbers talk, let the numbers do the talking, I can’t help it.” The instrumental has an addictive catchy bass line and a silky smooth saxophone matched with hard hip-hop drums.

                The album closes with an epic track, *Forever which features 1200, Jordan Jetson’s cousin, who delivers a very special verse. The popular Louisville rapper was in the studio when the song was being created immediately knew he had to get on the record. 1200 aggressively delivers bars as the beat builds until it drops after the great line where he raps, “I’m so Eons ahead I grew up with a Jetson.”

The song ends with thumping distorted 808’s and a electric guitar riff in a very dramatic fashion. *Forever was originally supposed to be the very first track but in a last minute split decision they changed their mind, which worked out because the song brings perfect closure to the project.

                Eons himself and Nick B, a musician who plays in Otis Juniors band, provided the production which took this project to the next level. Topped by solid lyrics all the way through which stood for something. *Inner Space represents being happy and doing what you love.

                You can get Inner Space here

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Written by RJmeads