Amore KING – Made In Heaven

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Made In Heaven is a whirlwind of musical stylings all masterfully blended together. This jam is perfect for banging out of your car stereo system at high volumes with the windows down. This slick track practically begs you to let it lead you by the hand directly to the bedroom for some fun you won’t soon forget. The evocative sounds of a killer electric guitar and slinky synths contrast pleasantly with the aggressively erotic lyrics, creating a perfect balance for seduction. Amore King’s vivid lyrical play by play seduces and invokes a sensual mood for even the most bashful listener. Add in the accompanying heavy bassline that comes roaring in from the beginning of the song instantly lets you know that this song means business and you have no choice but to submit. The music in now in control…


Amore KING release his latest single Made In Heaven



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Written by RJmeads