2Much XO (Artist Spotlight) Feat. CJ2Much

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XO: the sexually euphoric Summer 17 R&B record from 502 native CJ2much, is a club DJ must have in your Serato.  Its what you call conversation music, smooth mid tempo with high tension designed for you to put in work. Imagine If good sex could sonically be described, then the airy synth that rides from the top would be the foreplay. From art work to BPM, XO creates a bravado with stylistic wordplay that can only be described as CJ2much (insert sexy female voice)!!

Check out CJ2Much on the following platforms

Website: www.cj2much.com

Soundcloud: @cj2much

Facebook: @cjrussell

instagram: @_cj2much_

                                                                                 Youtube: @cj2much


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